Tuesday, January 18, 2011

my baking diary #6 Help needed!

i need some help here... would be nice if fellow baker-bloggers can share some idea... :)

i have plans to do more CNY bakings these 2 weeks.... and most recipes calls for only egg yolks.. So i will be left with egg whites... I have already bookmarked a macaron recipe but seeing the number of successful bakes (and this going to be my 1st time baking macarons), i don't wanna waste the whole lot of egg whites by doubling or tripling the macaron recipes...

Any recipes that calls for only egg whites? And not time consuming to bake? And can anyone shed some light on how long i can store my egg whites?? I can't possibly be baking on the 1st and 2nd day of CNY right???


On a separate note, i went 'baking' shopping during the weekend (instead of looking for CNY clothes... haha)... Bought a few cookie cutters from daiso, containers and some mould from phoon huat, premix from bake king... and the list went on... Planning to take a picture of the stuff i bought.. will post that up soon!

Postscript: Here's the stuff i bought from daiso... I bought a few small but pretty plates coz i wanna improve on the styling of the photos i take of my bakes!! Am not feeling well, so kinda lazy to take pictures of the containers and moulds i got from phoon huat...


  1. If I'm not wrong, you can store them in freezer. When you want to bake, then leave them @ room temperature to defrost.

  2. hi (: those egg whites, you can either put in container or bowl and cover it using cling wrap and store in the fridge for 3 to 5 days. like cathy said, leave it to room temp before using it esp for macarons (:
    me too have lots of egg whites left and so, more macarons otw. but there's other recipes that uses egg whites too (: your email? i can type out some recipe for you (:

  3. thanks sweetylicious! my email is peihwa82@yahoo.com.sg
    look forward to receiving/trying those recipes! :D