Thursday, January 27, 2011

my baking dairy #11 Pandan Almond Cookies and #12 Melt-in-the-mouth German Cookies

after baking for 4 continuous nights, i am beginning to feel tired... tired to get up from bed to work... but can't be taking leave for cny baking and tonnes of work to do (-_-)... was held back by work today, so taking a break off from the baking... but i rolled my pineapple paste into balls, so as to get ready for pineapple tarts baking tomorrow...

here's the stuff i have baked the last 2 days, but was too lazy to blog about them... pardon me for not typing out the recipes, but i have included the link where you can get the full recipe...

 First on the list, Pandan Almond Cookies... With the inclusion of the pandan paste, the whole kitchen had a sweet, nice pandan fragrance in the air while doing this cookie... My turning 3-yr old niece tried a piece, and came to me "Yi yi, this one so nice"... :D Thanks to Simply Hanushi for sharing this recipe...

I thought the almond taste was not strong enough, and wonder how it would taste if i added some desiccated coconut to it... And my mum thought i was doing kueh bangkit! So i might add some pandan paste to my next kueh bangkit baking!

Here's the link to the recipe if you wanna give it a try...

Next up on the list is something which i have seen so many bloggers trying it out! So it gotta be real good ya? I first bookmarked this receipe from Cook.Bake.Love. My colleague, J, made something similar and receive rave reviews from my colleagues... But the recipe she used did not call for potato starch.. I will give it a try sometime, soon i hope! But i was itching to give this German Cookies a try and so i did! However, i adpated Anncoo's version as well by adding cocoa powder...

Here's the link to Cook.Bake.Love and Anncoo's version..

Lastly, i received these in my mailbox today! Super happy to receive my cupcake pop mould!!! I am going to give this a try right after CNY!! Looking forward!!


  1. looks wonderful PH! hehe get some well deserved rest!

  2. Another pretty batch of CNY cookies =)

  3. Thanks jess! End up roling the pineapple balls, so also no rest... Except a break from the buttery smell!

    Thanks Cathy! Your new almond cookies look really nice!!

  4. Thanks for following my blog. I'm happy to follow yours for more of your cooking ideas too.

  5. I've not tried pandan almond cookies before. Will keep the recipe for next year ;DD
    Do you like the choc marbled cookies?

  6. Lurveeee the choc marble version of the German cookies!! Glad u modify the recipe so I cld try a choc version! Otherwise, I'll just be sticking to the plain ones... I hope I hv time to do my koi agar agar!