Thursday, August 4, 2011

my beading diary #1 beaded cardholder

taking a break off baking (cant understand how my parents can associate my illness with baking :( ) but i am planning to bake soon! some of my supplies at home are expiring soon, so hopefully this excuse will work! haha!

now that i am not baking during my 2 months mc, i have to turn to my other hobbies like reading and beading... spend a couple of days tidying up my beading material trolley... as i havent been beading for a while, dust accumulated and hence, have to empty out the 4 drawers and wipe all the boxes and bags one by one... still have some sorting out to do, coz i have been buying new materials every now and then, but have not been diligently been packing them into the right boxes...

aside to Cathy and Jasmine if u are reading this post... i have yet to send the cupcake rings to u! i still remember it! so sorry! I will be going to get some stamps and post them out real soon! btw Jasmine, i dun think u have me ur add for me to mail the ring to u wor... pls email ur addy to me at :)

i love to make 3D figurines using crystal beads... some of the previous ones i made are all packed up in boxes as i am sourcing for some new furnitures and fixtures for my bedroom... made a Sanrio Tuxedo Sam character, but got the sailor hat on the wrong side :( gotta undo it another time and redo.. will post a pic when i am done ya!

in the meantime, here's a pic of some cardholder i made previously and recently... these cardholder holds a ezlink card snugly and are made of acrylic round beads... its quite time consuming to do these, as all are tollay handbeaded by urs truly :)