Monday, April 18, 2011

my baking diary #29 what did i 'baked' over the weekend?

usually, Saturdays are my baking days, as it's the weekend... however, these few saturdays were spent at the dentist instead... due to my wisdom teeth, it causes some decay to my molar... and now, i gotta do root canal to 'save' my molar... spent a bomb on it and had to experience pain and numbness. over a spread of 3 saturdays, i had about 6 - 7 injections into my left gum... sigh... finally, the root canal is done... a month from now, its a trip to the dentist again to do a crown for my molar...

so after spending the mornings at dentist, what else could i bake? a trip down to chinatown, and i found some pretty and lovely 'ingredients' for my 'bakes'... presenting my "strawberry and chocolate cupcakes" and "raspberry macarons"

i am into rings recently, especially 3D types of rings with cute cakes and all... was told by the shop staff that there will be more lovely cakes and sweets available, so i will be making a trip to chinatown again!

i would love to give these 'bakes' away (if anyone wants them in the first place) if you would like one, please email me your name and address details, so i can mail it to you...

i have 3 "strawberry" and 2 "chocolate" cupcakes and 3 "raspberry macarons" to be given away... you can indicate your preference over which you want, but i will allocate it based on first come first serve...

work is also getting busier this week coz M is on leave... though we have a new gal on board, but will need to give her time to adjust and pick up things... whenever i have time, i will log online to check out the blogs... but am being a silent reader for the time being...


  1. Ph,
    So cute! I want the pink cuppies! Kekeke ;)

  2. Can can... U give me ur addy, I'll mail it to u :)

  3. take care! (: those rings are so cute! bring me along during your next trip :D can i have the choc one (:

  4. Thanks Jasmine! Sure you can have the choc one, just email ur addy to me - either the gmail one or the yahoo one :)