Wednesday, April 13, 2011

my baking diary #28 tri-flavoured melt in the mouth cookies

happy news... my colleague P is finally back from her 1 month mc... and the new girl is coming next Mon... the past 2 months have been tough...

bad news... M is going on her holiday for a week, so during this week, i will have to juggle between my work, covering some for M, and also have the new girl to shadow-study me (like what my boss said)... but i am glad things are settling well... the initial period when J left, along with all the rushed jobs, was really very stressful for me.. resutling in such a long cough... now i can finally take a breather, my cough is so much better...

had a sudden bout of sharp pain in my abdominal during the weekend, and went to the doc on monday... turned out to be a sort of infection... and my sugar level rather high from the test as well... doc was concerned, so i had to see him today to draw some blood for testing.... *praying hard things will be fine*

there are lots of things i wanna bake... cake pops, cheesecakes (for Aspiring Bakers), the oatmeal raisin cookies, cupcakes and more... but the problem is, i have no time!! had plans to meet K and D for lunch, hence squeeze in time last evening after work, and baked the 'melt in the mouth cookies' for them... after baking the plain and chocolate version the last time, i have been wanting to try baking it in green tea flavour...

so this time, i baked them in 3 flavours... plain, chocolate and green tea... from there, i mixed and matched them.... chocolate version gave a more overwhelming taste, hence, when put together with either plain or green tea version, only chocolate can be tasted... green tea on its own is not too bad...

Melt in the mouth cookies
125gms butter (can be salted or unsalted...)
40gms icing sugar
125gms potato starch
80gms plain flour (replace with 20gms cocoa powder + 66gms plain flour for chocolate version; 10gms green tea powder + 70gms plain flour for green tea version)

1. Beat butter and icing suger till fluffy and light in colour
2. Sift in potato starch, flour (and cocoa powder or green tea powder) and mix to form a dough
you can do the cookies in the size you like.. for me, the plain and 2-flavoured version are 1/2 tsp size, whereas the tri-flavoured ones are 1/3 tsp of each flavour and rolled together

3. Place the rolled doughs on baking paper and press lightly using a fork (dip the fork in water before pressing on the dough)
4. Bake the cookies at 150C for 20 minutes (don't have to wait till the cookies turn brown) and transfer to cooling rack to cool before storing them

i packed these cookies in the lovely heart-shaped containers... first saw Jasmine using these containers over at The Sweetylicious, and found them at Phoon Huat... Finally found a use for them... After packing them and bringing them to the office, lunch appointment was cancelled :( but at least it was a chance for me to bake... :)


  1. must take good care of yourself! (: then can see your lovely bakes again (: anyways, those bakes look really yummy! and is so creative of you (: psst, those container are just so adorable right :D

  2. Thx Jasmine :) will take care of myself, so can bake more... The containers are really lovely, like it's shape... Make an ideal holder for small cookies or sweets as small gifts or treats... I am planning to stock up some the next time I head to phoon huat, which is soon!! :D

  3. beautiful tri-color german cookies! PH take care ah i know you had been extremely busy!

  4. Thanks Jess! I m looking forward to a good break, to recharge myself!