Wednesday, January 12, 2011

my baking diary #4 Kueh Bangkit

CNY is round the corner... and i wanna bake something for the new year!! my favourite cny cookies are kueh bangkit and pineapple tarts - both must be those melt in the mouth type... drools.... but being a novice in baking, the process of doing these goodies seems very tough....

Received Bake King's e-newsletter sometime in late December, and they were featuring their premixes for cny goodies... I saw the e-newsletter when i was in BKK, and i was like 'ok, i must go grab these premixes when i am back in SG' coz it was indicated that only limited stock available... On my day back, i went down to the store, but to my dissapointment, it was not available, yet... So with these on my mind, i was like... "erm, if i go too late, will it be out of stock?" coz i was really keen to give it a try...

Went down to the shop again last weekend, and grab a pack of pineapple tart and kueh bangkit premix (had a bad bout of tummyache that morning, so only grab a few stuff and left)...

Managed to try out the kueh bangkit premix last evening, and it turned out rather well... Brought the cookies to office today, and there were mixed comments from my colleagues... Most feel that it was rather well made, though it could be better if it could be more the 'melt in the mouth' type and the fragrance of the coconut milk is not strong enough... Some found it sweet while some say its 'just nice'... My colleagues were tempted to give it a try, so we head down to Haig Road for lunch, so we could grab a couple of premixes (good thing our office is quite near... its even nearer to Phoon Huat!) I bought more packets of kueh bangkit mix, and also the green pea cookies and butter crunch cookies mix... Now, i gotta schedule my time to do/try everything...


Ta-dah... Here's the kueh bangkit i made using the premix... Used a Hello Kitty cutter to cut out the dough.. The initial kneading of dough and cutting were rather difficult, coz the dough seems to keep breaking up.. This was why i did not imprint Hello Kitty face, so i could churn out the cookies faster... Only upon finishing all the cutting, could i imprint the face on the very last batch.. Think it looks much nicer complete with all Hello Kitty features huh?

Kueh Bangkit Cookies
1 packet of Bake King Kueh Bangkit premix
130gms coconut milk
110gms caster sugar
30gms egg yolk*

1. Preheat oven to 170C
2. Double boil coconut and sugar (according to the staff from Bake King, you can add in some pandan leave while boiling)
3. Cool the mixture and add in egg yolk (must be totally cool, otherwise the egg yolk will be cooked!)
4. Mix in the premix and knead into a dough
5. Roll dough between baking paper, and cut them to your desired shape
6. Bake for 20 - 25 mins (but depends alot on the size of your cookies)

*While chatting with the staff at Bake King, they were saying 30gms egg yolk is about 2 egg yolks... I only added in 1 when i did my cookies, and it turn out ok, no major defects... I will try another time with more egg yolks to see if there's any difference

Postscript: I am submitting this to Aspiring Bakers #3: My Favorite CNY Cookie (Jan 2011) hosted by j3ss kitch3n...


  1. Hi, Thanks for coming to my blog. I didn't know there is kueh bangkit premix available. Is it expensive? Looks good and I love your hello kitty cute!

  2. Hi Ann, the premix cost $2.80 per pkt.. Using the HK cutter, i made like 100 over cookies...

  3. btw please do join the the aspiring bakers #3 my favorite cny cookie if you can. the details can be found at hope to see more post for you =D