Saturday, January 8, 2011

My baking diary #2 Rantings

A non-baking related post...

Relaxing at Starbucks Vivo, waiting to catch Saw VII at 2340hrs... Enjoying a cup of soy green tea latte... Recommended by Hoon several years back, and it's my favorite now...


(these pic were taken at Starbucks Great World City on New Year's Eve... But we had our same favourite drinks at Starbucks Vivocity ^_^)

Saw VII - not something I wanna watch, but dear wants... So no choice... (Postscript: Was hiding behind my hands and dear's shoulder for almost, ALMOST the whole show... Gore, scary, disgusting...)

Been 'sitting' the whole day... Went to straighten my hair this morning, sat for like 4 hours... Seem rather fast this time round considering only 1 hairstylist was doing everything to my thick and long tresses... After tat, 'sat' for another hour plus waiting for dear coz he went to had lunch instead of the plan to cut his hair... After getting a can of paint, he decided to cut his hair, so 'sat' for another like dunno how long waiting for him, playing paper ninja on my iphone...

Now 'sitting' at Starbucks waiting for movie... Gonna sit thru the movie for like 90 over mins... Arrghhhh... My buttocks are kinda pain from all these 'sitting'... (Postscript: had both my legs up on the chair throughout of movie, or bending over to hide in dear's shoulder... Forgot about my buttock pain, but waist pain from the bending...)

Another 50 mins or so before the movie... My back is starting to feel a slight pain/ache from all these 'sitting' -_-|||

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