Monday, January 24, 2011

my baking diary #10 Green 'eye' Pea cookies

another premix from Bake King... green pea cookies. actually, i have never tried green pea cookies before... i like the coated green peas, as in the nuts itself... but it was only this year that i saw green pea cookies out in the market... think i am such a 'mountain tortise'! haha! i was hesitant to get this packet of premix coz it calls for either groundnut oil or shortening... but my colleague, J, was saying green pea cookies are nice, so i decided to give it a try...

Green Pea Cookies
1 pkt of Bake King Green Pea Cookie premix
75gms butter (i used about 90gms of butter)
75gms shortening


1. Mix 1 pkt of premix with shortening and butter
2. *Roll and cut out desired shape*
3. Place on baking paper and bake in oven preheat to 170C for 20 - 25 mins

why did i put point 2 in **? coz i never got to that stage of rolling and cutting the cookies to my desired shape! my friend, D, bought the same premix and tried it like last week or the week before... she what's app me a picture of her bake... omg, the whole sheet of baking paper was so oily, i was having second thought trying this premix! she told me she put in more shortening than it called for coz the mixture was not forming a dough... hence she keep adding more butter and shortening till she can sort of roll it into balls for baking...

i asked her again last week if she followed the required grammage of butter and shortening... and she said she wasn't using a digital weighing scale, so she might have gotten the grammage wrong... i thought it could be the same reason... but after attempting this premix tonight, i can understand why...

i used a digital weighing scale, so i can't be too far off in my weighing of butter and shortening right? but after mixing it, the mixture is crumbly and just don't seem to come together.... instead of using a wooden spoon to mix it, i decided to try kneading them into a dough... but it just won't stick and remain as a sand-like texture! i have a small piece of butter left, and threw that in as well (hence the reason i used 90gms of butter)! but still it didn't work... there is no way i can roll them into balls or attempt to cut them using a cookie cutter.... my last resort? level them into my 1/2 tsp and scoop it out... the green pea topping won't stay at at top, so i put a pea in the tsp before piling it with the sand-like mixture and compressed it using the butter knife!

i like the nice green colour of the cookies, and must say the taste is quite good too! my mum found it slightly on the sweet side, but this is the premix (i didn't add in any sugar)...

don't you think they look kinda like a green eye ball with the pea in the centre?? erm, the character 'Mike' from Monsters, Inc? think i can bake them for halloween as well, haha!!


  1. kekeke, I love the green eye monster too~ *^_^*
    Btw, love melody, do you have MSN? Do add me if you have.

  2. lol! look very green and beautiful my favorite shade of green!

  3. Pretty green! Must try to use premix next time.