Monday, January 31, 2011

my baking diary #13 Pineapple Tarts (ii) and #14 Kueh Bangkit

the past weekend, was my last weekend to do cny baking... honestly, after a whole week of continuous baking (except for a day or rather night break), it's rather tiring... so next year (that is if my baking interest is still there!), i gotta start planning and baking earlier! there are so many recipes out there to try, but just not enough time!

ok, so here's goes what i have baked over the past weekend!

i tried j3ss kitch3n's recipe of Super Melty Pineapple Rolls using ghee instead of butter...

i bought the small can of ghee which had a net weight of 400gms... not wanting to have leftover ghee from my baking, i adjust the recipe such that i used up the whole can... but wonder if i did my adjustment correctly, the pastry was really SUPER MELTY! don't try finishing the pineapple tart in more then 2 bites! you just gotta put the whole tart in your mouth, and the pastry sort of just melt... i can't really taste the pastry (wonder if i had used too much ghee resulting in such melty pastry?)...

but the plus point in this version compared to the earlier one,  the pineapple paste filling is much softer as i rolled it with moist hand, and hence the paste absorbed the moisture as well... and this brand, AAA from Phoon Huat tastes rather good.. the one i used earlier was Phoon Huat brand, and sis was saying its too sour... this is not as sour, and also not as sweet as Bake King's which D had used...

i still have some leftover pineapple paste, so after cny, i will try another version of pastry...

 i spend saturday and sunday doing my kueh bangkit... in my first attempt, my hello kitty bangkits turn out rather pretty... i have totally no idea why my 2 batches turned out with crack surface! and its not a minor line or two... but the whole surface! ok, you can really see it in this picture of the Gula Melaka kueh bangkit, coz i chose the nicer piece for the photo, and only some of it turned out really really cracked up...

but the plain version i did on sunday, only some turned out nice! most of it had cracks, really ugly cracks on the surface!! and i did not take any pictures of those! i just put all into the container after cooling! and i used lesser sugar, so it was not as sweet, or my mum was saying, its not sweet at all... sigh, i was anxious to finish up my baking, ended up with a lousy batch of kueh bangkit.

but my niece, YX, is such a sweet little fan of my kueh bangkit, whether surface cracked or not, sweet or not... she kept coming to the kitchen and asked me for the cookies! i just liove how she would tell me, 'yiyi, this one so nice'!

this was what i had in mind when baking my cny cookies (and largely the reason why i kept all of my cookies size small)... ta dah! a box of mixed cny cookies!
there are a total of 6 types of cookies:

Gula Melaka Kueh Bangkit
Green Pea Cookies
Peanut Almond Cookies
Kueh Bangkit (you can see from this picture how cracked up they are!)
Melt in the mouth German Cookies
Pandan Almond Cookies

i would have like to include more varieties, but due to time contraint, this is the best i can do... and this is the smalller box which i have filled (for a couple of my ex-colleagues... thanks to Dear for helping me send these to them).... for own family consumption and gifts (like for sis, Dear's house, Aunt's etc) i am using the rectangular type of box... i tried filling them last night, but gave up trying coz i was tired... its not as easy as i thought coz i gotta arrange them in such a way it will fill up the whole box, and no space for the cookies to move around (and end up getting squashed into bits!)

enough of baking, my plan next is to finish up the packing, and will be starting on my agar-agar on tuesday and wednesday! my aunties like the coconut agar-agar i made for xh's 1st birthday, so mum suggested that i will do up some and bring it to aunt's house during when we go visiting! i also intend to do up some as dessert after the reunion dinner...i bought fish, rabbit and pineapple mould for this festive season! keep a lookout for my next post!

oh, and i nearly forgot! Jasmine from The Sweetylicious was so sweet and kind to send me 2 recipes that uses egg whites... but guess what, i don't have any egg whites left! either the maid, my mum or myself had maggi mee for lunch the past few days, and would just dump in the egg whites as well... so i am saving the recipes till my next baking!


  1. I don't mind eating the cracked kueh bangkit, I would love to have that 6 cookies in a box :)

  2. hehe as per Ann comment i wouldn't mind to have the 6 cookies in a box too!

  3. ok, next time if we have a chance to meet up, then i will prepare a variety of cookies for you both!

  4. Thanks for joining Aspiring Bakers. Happy Rabbit Year! :)

  5. wow wow... u made many cookies ah... loooks good! I love my melody too... but dun really collect them... except bbuying some of their soft toys.. :) happy baking!