Friday, October 21, 2011

my beading diary #2 can you identify what this is?

At one glance, when you look at this little thing, are you able to identify what it is?

I was showing it to my mum and asking her what does she think it is, when my niece of 3 years old shout out "CUPCAKE"! Not that bad on my first attempt at 'baking' a felt cupcake.... haha!

I chanced upon this blog when i was blog surfing the usual baking blogs... and was really hooked on to the nice pictures of cupcakes like this and this...

So being me, addicted to all kinds of hobbies and crafts, can't resist attempting the felt cupcakes... But as there was no dimensions given, i did my own 'agaration' (estimation)... and really it was kind of last min, i used a ribbon as the cupcake casing....

The above was a plain cupcake... And with some 'toppings', here you go, another version :)

Am planning for a real baking session soon, for a surprise!! Praying hard nothing will come and disrupt my plans... Look out for my next post.

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