Thursday, September 15, 2011

my baking diary #38 Agar agar Mooncakes

i had wanted to publish this post on 12 Sep, but alas, was busy over the weekend and Monday... hope its not too late to wish all fellow bloggers and readers a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, 中秋佳节快乐.

though i like baking, the thought of baking my own mooncakes have never strike my mind... guess all along, i thought baking mooncake is a very tedious and long process... but after seeing all the lovely mooncakes, moontarts and snowskin mooncakes, i am looking forward to the mid-autumn festival next year, where i can try my hand on baking my own mooncakes...

i am not a fan of mooncakes actually, will only take a small piece or 2 to try it out every year... but one of my favourite was the walnut moontart by Habourview restaurant (or something like that), and i would get that for my mum ... But since last year, i could not find it in the shopping centres where they have lots of different hotels, bakeries promoting their mooncakes... This year, i bought Carlton's moontart, thinking it should be very similar... Well, its very similar in terms of look (i did not taste it myself but bought it for mum and dear's mum), but the yolk in the moontart was soooooo little compared to the restaturant one which i recalled had a whole yolk in each moontart (which explains the price of almost $6 - $7 each if i did not remember wrongly)...

even though i did not bake any mooncakes, but i am glad agar agar mooncake does qualify for this month's Aspiring Bakers, so i went around looking for mooncake moulds :) Requested my colleagues to lunch at the Kallang Bahru market so i can get the moulds at Kitchen Capers (though i find it rather expensive, i still bought 5 moulds which cost me a total of $10!).

Coconut Milk Agar Agar...

Agar Agar with mixed fruits...

Agar Agar Mooncakes
1 pkt agar agar powder (i used swallow globe brand agar agar powder in white)
1 litre water (for coconut milk version - 500ml coconut milk and 500ml of water)
250gms sugar (i usually adjust according to taste as i prefer it less sweet - healthier?)
Colorings of your choice (if you are using white agar agar powder like me)
Mixed fruits

1. Disolve 1 pkt of agar agar powder in 1 litre of water. Add sugar and bring to boil over low heat
2. Pour into mould (i usually cool it down a bit first) and allow it to cool completely before putting it into the fridge

As i usually use white agar agar powder, i will divide the liquid into different batches so i can do up lots of colorful agar agar... I had wanted to try putting in different fillings into the agar agar (like those ang ku kueh agar agar) like cream style corn, blueberry fillings, chocolates etc.. But due to time constraints, i only made coconut milk agar agar and agar agar with mixed fruits...

Here's some more pictures of the agar agar i made... did not have enough mooncake moulds, so i used some of the other moulds i had... Can you spot the Hello Kitty ones?


These mould had chinese character on it... But i ran out of the coconut milk liquid to differentiate the characters... I used Hosen mixed fruit can, and used the papaya balls inside as a 'yolk' for these agar agar.. do look quite like a 'mooncake with yolk' huh?

And if you noticed, most agar agar were pink and purple in colour! this is because my niece was sitting in the kitchen while i was doing the agar agar and she asked me to do pink, red and purple colour...


Most of the agar agar mooncakes were packed and given away...


  1. They are very beautiful. I'll be happy receiving one of these as gifts.

  2. WOW so pretty! Mind to share some?

  3. Thanks Ann! I won't mind sharing some except this batch of agar agar turn out not-too-sweet according to the feedback i received :(