Tuesday, September 6, 2011

my baking diary #37 lavender chiffon cake

it has been a while... a long while actually, since my last post on baking... the last i baked was in May! no choice, due to my (sudden) operation and being down with sickness, i was sort of banned from baking.. so much so that my mum actually moved my oven to another location in the kitchen which makes it more troublesome to bake! if i need to bake, my mum will have to shift stuff here and there, so there is no way i can bake secretly!
i have been feeling loads better but do get tired and restless on occasions after my treatment etc... but had the urge to do some baking! so while i was clearing some stuff (and giving to my colleague for her hari raya baking), i told my mum i wanna bake! but i will keep a simple so maybe just a chiffon cake. surprisingly, no objection from her! so i went ahead and plan to bake on the hari raya holiday as i was scheduled for a medical appointment the next day and did not had to work.

been wanting to do a lavender chiffon after my colleague, S, gave me a packet of lavender flower tea way back in Feb/Mar and seeing Cathy's Osmanthus Chiffon Cake, i was very tempted to do a lavander version of it! but there are just so many nice bakes fellow bloggers are doing, it just got push back in the to-bake list! i also got my hands on a box of earl grey tea recently, so i wanted to see how the lavender chiffon will turn out like before i attempt an earl grey version!

and ta-dah! here's my lavender chiffon!

it rose quite nicely when it was in the oven despite having some crack lines... but think my tube pan is a bit too big...

the ugly side when i unmold it :( seem to have lose some 'baking touch' after resting for so long... my batter was not mixed properly, hence, could still see some yellowish batter (p/s: i added some purple colouring to the original yellow batter coz its meant to be lavender mah...) Was i also too impatient in not waiting for it to be really cooled completely?
the side view... i only tasted a small small portion of this slice coz i am supposed to cut down on sugar intake, and also i am more keen in baking rather than eating it! my mum and bf's feedback was the lavender fragrance is there (rather strong actually) but the cake wasn't sweet enough...

i bought slightly more than 2/3 of the chiffon cake to the office the next day as i had to go back and settle some stuff before being on MC for the rest of the week... guess what? they were a hit with my colleagues! i wonder if they are just being nice, but i was really all smiles when i saw them enjoying the cake and telling me it taste nice! so hopefully soon, i will be able to attempt an earl grey one for them :))

i followed Cathy's Osmanthus Chiffon Cake receipe for this, except that i omitted the wolfberries and replaced osmanthus with lavender instead... the lavender can be reduced to perhaps 1 or 1.5 tbsp if you do not want the fragrance to be too strong...

next up! a trip to the shops to get some mooncake moulds! hope i can get them! *cross fingers*


  1. You ought to try Earl Grey Chiffon, it is really really good =)