Sunday, July 10, 2011

my baking diary #36 agar agar

taking a break off baking, but can still do some non-baking stuff... coz of my recent illness, it had gave me a chance to meet up with friends i lost touch with for a couple of years, in particular my dear polymates...

we been through alot together during our 2 years as classmates and project mates... working on projects after school, weekends etc... last we met was kim's wedding like 2 - 3 years back... after which, we were all busy with our own life, be it work, family, etc...

knowing i am not feeling well (i am feeling loads better acutally) and that i am on 2 months MC, we took this time to meet up... since i cant bake, i decided to make some agar agar, and try out the new piggy silicon mold i bought!


Though i did not make alot, but i spend quite sometime on doing these agar agar... piggies' eyes, ears, nose, and all the different colourings to make it all really colourful! i like the piggies ones especially, so cute right?

I hope to get some baking done soon, before i start losing interest in it... haha


  1. So sorry to hear that you're sick. Hope you'll recover soon :)
    The piggies agar agar are very cute. Where did you get that cute mould?

  2. Hi Anncoo, I m feeling better but still need to go back to hospital for some follow ups/reviews etc during this time I m on mc...
    I got the piggy mould from :)

  3. Thanks for your info and your nice comment on my site :)
    Health is more important than anything else, can always bake later.
    Take good care.