Friday, June 24, 2011


though i will be staying at home, yes not working, since early June to early August, its not the best time for me to do any baking... am supposed to be resting and recovering from an recent operation... though i may feel ok, but my parents will definitely not agree to me doing any baking due to whatever reason they can think of... sigh... its so boring staying at home with nothing to do... and i feel tired if i am out too often (though doctor do not encourage staying at home)...

how i miss baking when i see all the bakes fellow bloggers are posting... *drools*

hopefully i'll recover soon enough with minimum follow up visit required...


  1. wow.. tats a pretty long rest. Treat it as a time to relax from your stressful job, get well soon. =)

  2. Get well soon. Looking forward to your comeback :) Meanwhile, hope that all our posts keep you entertained.

  3. First of all, you must take good care of yourself. There is always time for blogging later :)
    Have a good rest :))

  4. Thanks Cathy... Its really a break from my job, just that i hope i won't lose it! Haha... But colleagues and boss been very encouraging and supportive :)

    Thanks NEL!! All the bakes are making me drool, and i am so tempted to step into the kitchen and take out all the baking tools!

    Thanks Anncoo! Agree, have to take good care of myself first, hence the resistance to bake no matter how all your and fellow bloggers' bakes are so tempting! :)

  5. take good care of yourself! get well soon. then you can bake more! (:

  6. Thanks Jasmine! i am doing all i can hoping to recover soon so as to step into the kitchen again :)