Sunday, February 20, 2011

my baking diary #22 macarons!!

ok, i caught a fever... a macaron fever!!! wahahaha!!!

baking macarons shot right up to the top of my 'to-bake' list after reading Cathy and Jess's posts...

my first attempt went to a chocolate macaron recipe i found on another blog... but since you don't see any picture here, i am sure you know the outcome of it right? ya, i failed... no feet, cracked surface and sticks to the baking parchment...

since i still have some leftover egg whites, i decided to try Jess's recipe the next day... and ta-dah! SUCCESS!!

these 2 shells are from the first batch that went into the oven... i was soooooo happy at the sight of the feet ppearing though it was only 2 out of the 12 shells i piped, and coz of my poor piping skill, the feet only appear at one side and made it lopsided... but that doesn't matter to me... what matter was the feet!! haha!! 
the subsequent batches that was baked, most were successful, with feets... but with my poor piping skills, they did not turn out with nice even size, and like before, a couple only had feet on one side... but nonetheless, this recipe is definitely one you should try!
not knowing how my macarons will turn out, i did not think of the filling that i wanted... i followed Jess's recipe and baked green tea macaron shells... so i wanted something tangy to counter the sweetness... after going through the stuff i have, i decided to mix some lemon zest with Hershey's semi-sweet chocolate chip and 2 tsp of thick cream (since i seen thick cream being used in most chocolate ganache)... i find that the semi-sweet choclate and lemon zest do complement the green tea macaron shell rather well...
the only down side? the testing of the failed chocolatey shells and the heat from the oven after sitting right in front of the oven monitoring the feet and bake - it worsen my sore throat and cough... i am almost losing my voice and coughing much badly then before, so its back to a visit to the company doctor again tomorrow... but then, i am a happy girl with my few pretty macarons... :D

oh and do pop over to Jess's blog for the recipe ya... now, i m off to rest :P


  1. congrats on your first macarons! I just made mine on friday also! looks like macaron fever has hit big time! :)

  2. Congrats PH! Your macs are pretty ;)

  3. Thanks travellingfoodies! Congrats on your successful attempt on macs too!

    Thanks Cathy... But need a lot more practice to pipe more pretty and even shells like yours!

  4. congrats girl! hope you have more successful macarons coming your way!

  5. Thx Jess! I do hope to bake more successful macarons soon, once my throat healed! Guess the oven heat got to it and worsen my sore throat! I'll be giving that recipe of yours to my colleague who wants to try it after seeing my success on FB!! haha

  6. Congrats on your macarons and get well soon!

  7. Thanks bake for a queen! But I need more practice to reach your standard! Hehe..