Friday, February 11, 2011

my baking diary #16 more agar agar...

havn't got back the momentum for baking after CNY... but made some agar agar coz we are having a CNY cum gambling session at J's place tonight!!

the bunnies mould which i forgotten during CNY!! bought this specially since its the Bunny Year... but forgot about it coz the mould was not in sight... hence my earlier post was only fishes and pineapples...

hmm, the white bunnies does not look very obvious... while trying to put them in the office fridge, my colleague asked if that was a cow!! OMG!!! think something is wrong with his eyes... it may not look at bunny at one glance, but it sure does not look like a cow right?? 
i included green agar agar cut in 'grass' shapes... but think i should have just put in a layer of green agar agar on the plate, which save me time of having to cut the 'grass' and made me nearly late for work this morning! also included a couple of roses :)

of course, i had to make these cute fishes again.. this time, 3 are in coconut milk (those white ones) and 3 are just in the normal agar agar mixture (those translucent ones) coz i am not sure which my colleagues will prefer... oh, and yes, i made the pineapples again too.. just that they are not in the picture coz the will cover up all the fishes....
and this, is just a bigger version of the cny cookie mix...

hope i can bake some v-day stuff this weekend :D


  1. the agar agar is reallyy pretty! i love the fishes color! very beautiful!!

  2. hi dear friend
    your jelly fish is very nice. specially the white one
    please can u tell me how do you make it on different color. and how do you put the eyes on it?
    thanks a lot

  3. Hi Laleh, thx for ur compliments, and sorry I took so
    Long to reply as I hvnt been checking my blOg lately..
    As the the eyes area on the fish mould is dented in,
    hence, wat I did was to put in some agar agar in brown
    for the eyes and letting it solidify b4 filling up the rest.
    The same apply for the different colors.. Take a small portion
    of ur jelly/agar agar mix and mix in the different colors u want...
    Spread it in the mold randomly and let it solidify b4 u fill up the body.
    Hope this helps :)

  4. Hi dear
    thx a lot.
    i should try it and i'll tell you the result
    thank you again.