Thursday, May 5, 2011

my baking diary #33 no-bake cupcake pop!

attempted cupcake pops this time round, with the cupcake pop mold i bought since January... instead of a cake pop, mine is a no-bake version from the creator of the cupcake pop mold, My Little Cupcake.

though in the mood for some baking, but wasn't totally in the mood - not sure if you understand what i meant, haha... partly because of some personal reason, guess it wasn't a good time to work on these cupcake pops... i was anxious to see how the output will be like so did not really monitor the time required to chill the dough closely... result? my dough were soft and some gave way when i try to put the stick in :( out of 12 cupcake doughs, only 5 managed to stay on the stick and be a cupcake pop... or rather a round ball pop! coz the dough was soft, after dipping it in chocolate and candy melts, i cant see the cupcake shape anymore!!

but tastewise, its rather ok. I dont fancy the candy melt coz there a weird taste to it (it may be me only) but for kids (esp my nieces), i guess they don't mind :)

and not knowing how it wil turn out, i only use the rainbow coloured rice for topping... will definitely try this out again one of this day, and hopefully i get some pretty cupcake pops then!

1 packet Oreo (1 packet of Oreo in US is 42 pieces of Oreos)
1 block of Creamcheese (8oz) - i use Philadelphia creamcheese
Melted chocolate (for dipping the base of the dough)
Melted Candy Melts (for coating the top of the dough)
Any toppings of your liking - chocolate rice, mini choc chips, m&ms, etc...

1. Grind the oreo cookies
2. Mix the ground oreo cookies and creamcheese using hand till it form into a dough. It should be of a playdough consistency
3. Chill the dough for about 15 mins after which, roll the dough into balls of about 1"
4. Chill the rolled doughs again
5. Place the dough into the mold, close and press, open and take out the cupcake shaped dough (if you do not have a cupcake mould, you can just roll the dough into round balls or just shape it with your hands)
6. Chill the cupcake shaped dough and prepare the chocolate and candy melt for dipping
7. Dip the base of the cupcake into chocolate, and poke the lollipop stick in. At this stage, you can use some egg trays to help hold the cupcake pop
8. Holding the cupcake pop from the stick, dip the cupcake into the candy melt to coat the cupcake, and top with your desired toppings

For a more detailed instructions, please pop over to My Little Cupcake and watch the video :)

In line with this month's theme, I am submitting this as an entry to Aspiring Bakers #7 - Chocolate Delight (May 2011) hosted by Doris from Tested & tasted.

This coming Saturday is Polling Day... have you made your choice? Me? I am residing in the constituency where the seats are the hottest (its obvious where right?) and yes, i have already decided which box i wanna cross on Saturday... But this, is just part of my agenda for the weekend holiday... I have already listed down the bakes i am going to attempt! Look out for more posts soon :)