Thursday, March 17, 2011

my baking diary #misc.... chiffon and more chiffon

i seem to miss out alot lately... on baking, reading fellow bloggers' bakes, my own life, my time with family and dear... basically everything.. all because we are 2 man (or woman) short at work... a colleague left last day of Feb, so her workload was split among the remaining 4 of us till we get a replacement... then another had to go for her operation in early Mar, so more workload to be split among the remaining 3 of us... all these on top of going for more appointments coz i am now a backup for BD, meetings, demanding and unreasonable customers contributed to late nites in the office... sigh... made me very very tired, seriously lack of sleep... where got time to bake? even on weekends, i dun seem to have much energy with my cough that seems to be going and coming back for the last 3 - 4 weeks...

this week has been slightly better, coz my boss is travelling, so no appointments/meetings this week... and i can still see the evening daylight on my way home :) to satisfy my chiffon (and baking) cravings, i bake my mini chiffons again!

 this is the same recipe as the rainbow chiffon i made before, just that this time i used pandan paste and pink colouring... think i unmould it without waiting for the cake to cool completely, hence, some part of it sticked to the pan resulting in some holes in the cake :( but overall, the taste is good, and i am definitely going to make more chiffon cakes (and wanna try my new chiffon cake pan as well, haha)!! as i did not have enough eggs at home, i could only do a half recipe, which is the 3 mini size cakes... my mum and i finished 1 and a half cake right after i unmould it, and the remaining half was eaten by my dad this morning, and of course, 1 to the office to share with my colleagues... A couple of them requested for me to bake a bigger one coz each only got a mouthful of the mini chiffon... haha...

these are some of the stuff i made, think 2 weekends back, but did not post them... my colleague gave me a packet of lavender to use for my baking coz she liked the osmanthus cookies i baked previously.. but after the rainbow chiffon, i seem to be falling in love with chiffon cake, so used the lavendar in them instead! wanted to put in a purple colouring, to go with the lavender, but no matter how i mix, the colour just doesn't seem to turn out... but i do like the lavender fragrance of the cake, and the texture was soft and fluffy...

also made sushi - dear's request... i dun make really fanciful sushi, usually only crabstick and tuna sushi... but coz i left office late, could not get inari skin from the supermarket... and ran out of the sesame seasonings...

all in a day, i also made some grapefruit agar-agar... that's about all.. i am so looking forward to this weekend and next week coz i have planned some bakings.... sushi and chiffon cake this coming saturday... next week will be baking some cookies for YX's 3rd birthday, to be given away at the childcare she attends... just gotta pray hard work goes smoothly, and no late nights!



  1. I love your Rainbow Chiffon :)

  2. wah you really baked alot!!!! i hope you are not so stressful now! great bakes by the way all of them look so fabulous!

  3. OMG! heavy workload! i was wondering did anything happened to you coz i miss your post! take good care okay (:
    i love rainbow colours and you put it off in baking chiffon so nicely! (: (:

  4. Jess, thx ar :) most were done on a Sat like 2 weeks back, just no time to post.. This week is less stressful and hope it will remain that way so I can bake during weekdays too!

    Thx Jasmine! Feel so sad at not being able to bake due to work.. But also need to bake to de-stress! Haha!!

  5. Please check this out.